may-june Session runs april 27th-june 21st! early bird pricing and member codes valid until april 19th.

See the schedule if you want to see what’s up today:

Yes, you can join a session late! Email oceanandcrow @ to inquire. You can drop in anytime for $21 (for an hour) or $23 (for longer classes), space permitting.

We’re located just East of Commercial Drive at 1707 Grant St. Email Julie or call with questions: 778-706-8805 or oceanandcrow @

Our classes run in sessions of around 8 weeks. Most students register for their favourite class and commit to coming every week during that session. You can make up classes (maximum of two), and you get a Bonus class for the session you can use to try something else or to bring a friend to class. You can also drop in in person or online ( and there is an unlimited option as well, which is a great deal if you want to take more than one class a week (

Prices for all our classes go up on April 19th. Members get an additional discount with a special code they can use to save on tax that must be used by April 19th. Here’s the May-June schedule:


10:00-11:15am Aligning Body, Mind, and Breath: Iyengar with Meghan Goodman

12:00-1:15pm Vinyasa Flow: Myth and Movement with Stephanie Trembath * Try this class on us! Saturday April 6th, 12:00-1:15pm. Enroll for this complimentary class at least 24 hours in advance:


10:30-11:30am Sweat and Stretch with Stephanie Trembath

12:00-1:15pm Restorative Yoga: Rest, Heal, Reset with Julie Peter

4:00-5:15pm Stretch and Fascial Release with Alex Hughes

6:00-7:15pm Movement and Stillness: Hatha Flow and Yoga Nidra with Katie Blecker


12:00-1:00pm Slow Down, Stretch Out with Khia Beauchesne

4:30-5:30pm Kundalini Chakra Flow with Sasha

6:00-7:15pm Yoga for a Happy Body and a Calm Mind with Alex Hughes

7:45-9:00pm Move, Breathe, Stretch: Yin/Yang Yoga with Haley Plaa


12:00-1:00pm Feel Good Yoga with Julie Peters 

6:00-7:15pm Lunar Phase Flow with Julie Peters

7:45-9:00pm Gentle Yin and Healing Touch with Haley Plaa


10:00-11:15am Balance and Breathe: Gentle Hatha with Katie Blecker

4:00-5:15pm Yintrospection: Yin and Mindfulness with Katie Blecker

5:45-7:15pm Reclaim, Connect, and Thrive: Body/Mind Integration Yoga with Nicole Marcia (no drop ins)


12:00-1:00pm Feel Good Flow: Moving Meditation with Julie Peters 

6:00-7:15pm Restorative Yin with Julie Peters

7:45-9:00pm Core and Restore with Alex Hughes


10:00-11:15am Slow and Steady: Gentle Flow with Moshe Zvi